Townscape Gesellschafter - ©Tom Wagner
Townscape Gesellschafter - ©Tom Wagner

Friendship bonds.
Success unites.

We are Townscape. We are a Berlin-based real estate development company for residential and commercial property. Our team of founders, consisting of Henrik Sassenscheidt, Filip Aulin and the brothers Philipp and Sebastian Grabianowski look back on a long friendship. This has resulted in our philosophy of how we work and develop projects with our partners.

We believe that team spirit and long-term, trust-based partnerships with customers and service providers are the key to successful property developments. Most of our business relationships have grown over the years – and are as strong as the value increase of our projects.

Photo: ©Tom Wagner

Our management

For more than 10 years Townscape has been run by Henrik Sassenscheidt, Filip Aulin and the brothers Philipp and Sebastian Grabianowski. These days our management is complemented by Thomas Schiffer and Philipp Janssen. Each of our shareholders specializes in a sub-area of ​​project development, so that their skills mesh and complement each other perfectly.

The six family fathers have an international background and run the company in a spirit of partnership, down-to-earth and straightforward. With the same high demands on themselves as on the projects to be developed.

Social commitment

These organisations are close to our hearts. We support them as a company and hope to interest others in the projects as well.

Arche Wedding

In 2009, the Christian youth and children’s charity “Die Arche e. V.” moved to the Berlin district of Wedding. Under the direction of Jeanette Borchert, Arche Wedding has been supporting Berlin families for over ten years and offers socially disadvantaged children support, care and recreational opportunities. All under the motto: “We make kids strong for life.”

Here you can find out everything about Arche Wedding and how to donate:

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Upendo Children’s Village

UPENDO Children’s Village e. V. was founded in Berlin in 2006 and aims to give socially disadvantaged children in Kenia a home and a future. To this end, the association has established an orphan village in Ukunda, Kenya, and provides long-term support for this project in the form of personal, professional and financial assistance.

At the heart of these efforts is the desire to give these children a permanent home, to provide them with an education and thus to lay the foundation for an independent and happy life for them.

We became aware of the UPENDO Children’s Village through the personal involvement of our project manager Nilgün Dusny.
Here you can find out everything about the project and how to donate:

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